Reading Theme – November 2019

Another month, another selection of books.

This month has been designated childhood favourites with a touch of Non – Fiction. Thus, I will be tag teaming – reading concurrently – an adult fiction book with a children’s/YA.

Childhood favourites – Two Authors

I am dedicating it to two of my beloved writers of all time: Diana Wynne Jones and Margaret Mahy.  These are authors who I read as a child and continued to reread as an adult.  Their books were written so well, with fantastic and fantastical plots, interesting and believable characters, that they remain with me. 

They are a welcomed childhood memory;  I remember plot details,  interesting facts and throwaway observations.  For instance, whenever I eat a gooseberry fool, I think of Sorensen (The Changeover) and it makes me smile.

I’m not going to start the debate of whether the selection I’ve chosen represents each author’s best book, I’m just reading these particular books because they are my favourites from these authors

Now what to read.  It is incredibly hard to narrow the list down to one or three of each author however, I don’t want to be in the same position as last month where I was  overscheduled and had little room to add new reads in the month…so squashed them in anyway and felt the effects.

Diana Wynne Jones

  • Archer’s Goon
  • Howl’s Moving Castle
  • Fire and Hemlock

Margaret Mahy

  • The Changeover
  • The Catalogue of the Universe
  • The Tricksters

These books can be classed as young adult romances, modern day fairy tales or coming of ages stories – supernatural or otherwise.  But at the heart they are about how young people and adults react and deal with ordinary and extraordinary circumstances.  

And no I won’t be reading The Changeover twice ?, the picture shows those on the bookshelf. Howl’s Moving Castle seems to have mysteriously disappeared.  Thankfully I was able to get a copy via the library. 

Maybe now is a good opportunity to replace a copy that I didn’t even know was missing

Reading these will lift my spirits as the two children’s books that I read in October were disappointing, perhaps my expectations were too high.

So there you have it –  I have a number of rereads to enjoy which are actual paperbacks.  The rest of the books on November’s list are mainly ebooks and audiobooks.   

For full details with book covers, please have a look at the newsletter here.

Roll on November, it’s going to be a great one for reminiscing.

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